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The Good Harbor Gateway Project is an initiative to acquire six acres of partially filled land prominently located across from the entrance to Good Harbor Beach, restore it as a natural salt marsh, and preserve it for a larger vision of public access, appreciation, and education. The Friends of Good Harbor (FOGH) have developed a comprehensive vision that offers the opportunity to acquire the property at a reasonable cost and create a protected conservancy with the parcel as a welcoming gateway. Other initiatives include projects to monitor and improve the stewardship of the salt marsh and wetlands, and to enhance the beach with signage, dunes protection, and general appearance.  The Friends are also investigating the feasibility of a pedestrian walkway along Thatcher Avenue for safety and recreation.

How the Gateway Project Is Funded

The key step is to acquire the property at the corner of Thatcher Road and Witham Street, which is currently permitted for the construction of condominiums called Brierneck Crossing. The window of opportunity is narrow but the opportunity is immense and within reach. FOGH has negotiated with the owners a purchase price of $720,000. The property is now under agreement for purchase.  The date for closing the sale is scheduled for January, 2013.

The funding plan for the total cost of the project, $750,000, calls for three grant awards (one awarded and one pledged), the owners' contribution (pledged), and contributions from the community (50% pledged and received).  The following are the funding amounts and their status:

  CPA Grant (approved) 150,000
  EEA LAND Grant (pending) 375,000
  Owners' Contribution (pledged) 125,000
  Foundation Grant (pledged) 50,000
  FOGH Fund Raising (50% received)    50,000

A detailed description of the property acquisition initiative is provided in the Projects section of this website.

Community Giving Campaign Underway

Only $25,000 remaining to purchase the property!

The first phase of the community giving campaign was completed quietly between May and July, 2012, and yielded $28,000 of which $3,000 was used for a marsh study and $25,000 was deposited for the purchase and sale agreement to acquired the property.

The second phase of the community giving campaign is currently udnerway and will be conducted through the spring of 2013.  The goal is $25,000 which will be the final installment of the community's contribution to the Good Harbor Gateway Project.  Fogh is seeking 142 donors divided in the following levels of suggested contributions:

2 gifts of $5,000 each
5 gifts of $1,000 each
10 gifts of $500 each
25 gifts of $100 each
100 gifts of $25 each

The pledge form for donors to the “Gateway Phase 1 Campaign” may be downloaded here.

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