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Each year, FOGH establishes a budget for basic operating expenses with income from membership dues.  In addition, priorities are established for the year which require funding above and beyond dues -- the annual fund.

Annual Fund Giving Priorities

Three projects have been proposed as initiatives for the 2013 Annual Fund.  (1) The Summer study of the salt marsh will be conducted by Salem Sound Coastwatch.  Volunteers will be engaged under the principal investigator in documenting critical areas identified in last year's study to be monitored extensively in 2013.  (2) The Gloucester Department of Public Works intends to allocate a major portion of the required funds for new beach signage and upgraded kiosks.  FOGH hopes to provide a small balance of funding to complete the project.  (3) In order to apply for state funds to expand the walkway along Thatcher Road for safety of pedestrians, FOGH must contract for a feasibility study.  The estimates for these priorities are as follows:

  Summer study of salt marsh 3,000
  Beach signage and kiosk upgrades 2,000
  Feasibility study of walkway 15,000

Pledge Form for Annual Fund Campaign

The pledge form for donors to the “Good Harbor Annual Fund Campaign” may be downloaded here.

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