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Volunteers for Salt Marsh Monitoring

The Friends of Good Harbor launched a summer-long marsh assessment study in 2012 to determine the condition of the salt marsh and investigate potential areas of decline. The project will likely be continued next summer and will need community volunteers who are able to give a few hours per month under the direction of Barbara Warren, Executive Director of Salem Sound Coastwatch, which is under contract to FOGH for the project.

There are three areas of investigation where volunteers are needed. Salt marsh vegetation is surveyed and documented, requiring 8-16 persons in late July for a couple of mornings. Fish species are collected, observed, and recorded, requiring volunteers once per month from June to August. Finally, birds are observed one morning each month for the duration of one hour from June to September. Training is provided on site, either prior to the event or as part of the event itself.

For further information, interested persons may read about the project in greater detail in the Projects section. Inquiries may also be made by email to A volunteer form may be downloaded here.

Volunteer Form

Volunteers for the Association

While members of FOGH carry out various project activities, there are organizational activities for which additional volunteers are needed.  Currently, the association would welcome someone to provide assistance in public relations and publicity development, probably requiring a couple of hours per month July through October.  Also, the association would welcome someone with sign painting skills to refurbish a couple of wooden signs at Good Harbor Beach, sometime in July .  Offers of assistance to the association may be made via email to FOGH.