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Good Harbor Beach Project

FOGH members have been working with Mark Cole and the City's Department of Public Works in a collaborative approach to enhancing Good Harbor Beach.  This collaboration is focused on three priorities:

Beach Signs

Main Beach SignAll current signs have been inventoried and photographed, a pastiche of over 40 signs with differing messages.  FOGH's Beach Enhancement Group has made recommendations for all new signs that are coordinated with respect to content, design, and location.  It is expected that new signs will begin to appear during the summer of 2012.  A program for erecting wooden posts with rope along the boardwalks is also under consideration.

Funding for new signs will be allocated by the DPW from the budget approved by the City Council which sets aside an annual amount for beach improvements.

Dunes Protection

The DPW has received notification from the Department of Environmental Protection that fencing should be erected to protect the dunes from instrusion.  Such fencing has already been placed on Wingaersheek Beach and FOGH is confering with DPW on a modified plan for Good Harbor Beach.  FOGH also plans to work with other groups, including an elementary school class, who wish to be engaged in planting dune grass.

Concession Services

FOGH made recommendations to the DPW for a strengthened contract for concession services and the renewed three-year contract reflects these recommendations.  The changes will improve site cleanliness, maintenance, and types of food containers.  The DPW has remodeled the women's restroom and expects to complete the remodeling of the men's facilities in early summer.  Additional suggestions for improved services will be welcome.

For more information or comments on this project, interested persons may send an email to FOGH which will be forwarded to the project coordinator (select Contact Us on the sidebar menu).