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Thatcher Road Walkway Project

On several occasions citizens of Gloucester have mentioned to FOGH members how dangerous it is for pedestrians to walk along Thatcher Road to Good Harbor Beach. Parents have said the road is very narrow and if one tries to keep children away from the edge of the road that Poison Ivy and prickly bushes scratch their legs.  They have also asked whether it would be possible for the City of Gloucester to construct a roadside walkway form Barn Lane to Thatcher Road.Pedestrians on Thatcher Road

On July 2, 2011, FOGH did a pedestrian count. The results were amazing. 532 people walked along Thatcher Road between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to access the beach. People were walking on both sides of the road, carrying beach chairs, coolers, wheeling baby carriages, and at times walking three abreast. It became apparent that the safety issue of pedestrians on Thatcher Road should be a priority for FOGH and hopefully for the City and State.  Click here to see the hourly count of walkers.  Or click here to see more photos of the walkers on Thatcher Road throughout the day.

Since the summer of 2011, FOGH members have met with representatives of the City and State, including the State Representative.  A site visit and walk along Thatcher Road increased the awareness of these representatives with respect to the issue of safety and beach access.

It became clear from these meetings that a proposal and plan of action will be needed.Members of FOGH are currently developing a draft proposal for the Thatcher Road Walkway Project.  The three tasks underway are:

Location of Walkway: Thatcher Road from Witham to Barn Lane


For more information or comments on this project, interested persons may send an email to FOGH which will be forwarded to the project coordinator (select Contact Us on the sidebar menu).