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Association Projects

Projects underway by FOGH include: Good Harbor Beach Enhancement, Thatcher Road Walkway, Marsh Monitoring and Studies, Marsh Property Acquisition, and Conservancy Proposal.  Links to additional information on projects are provided.

Good Harbor Beach Initiative

FOGH members have collaborated with the Gloucester Department of Public Works on a beach signage inventory with recommendations for improved signage, demarcations along the boardwalks and the dunes, and improved rules for beachgoers and the concession vendor.

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Thatcher Road Walkway Initiative

The Friends have completed a study of pedestrian flow along Thatcher Road in the summer and developed a prospectus for a walkway to the beach primarily for public safety but also for encouraging fitness and increasing awareness of the salt marsh as a vital natural resource.

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Marsh Monitoring Initiative

The Friends have collected and reviewed a number of studies of the health of the marsh and the wetlands of Good Harbor, sponsored a marsh walk with the executive director of Salem Sound Coastwatch, and launched a summer project to study and monitor marsh conditions.

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Marsh Property Acquisition Initiative

The Friends have negotiated a plan to purchase the six-acre property at the corner of Thatcher Road and Witham Street, which had been partially filled and was approved for condominium development (known as Brierneck Crossing). The goal is to transfer the land to the City of Gloucester and preserve it as salt marsh in perpetuity. FOGH has also submitted a proposal for funding under the Community Preservation Act and a fund raising campaign has commenced.

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Conservancy Proposal

The Good Harbor salt marsh sanctuary is actually a collection of properties with multiple owners. The Friends are proposing a concept to unite the contiguous area as a conservancy. The primary purpose of a conservancy would be to create a unified identity and framework for preserving the marsh, beach, salt ponds, and wetlands in the area.

With nearly thirty owners of the core area of the marsh and many other owners in the tributary areas, there is no unified strategy beyond an assortment of laws and regulations to promote stewardship and management. The conservancy would simply represent commitment to the ideals and standards for the natural sanctuary as defined by laws, regulations, and common practices applicable to public lands and open spaces.

A conservancy would not require a new legal entity. Property owners would be responsible for managing their land. The name, Good Harbor Conservancy, and a statement of ideals and standards would denote a unified approach to preserving and enhancing the natural habitat of the salt marsh, beach, and wetlands of Good Harbor.

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