Masthead Friends of Good Harbor

Marsh Studies and Reports

Studies and reports from multiple sources related to the mission of FOG are periodically posted on this web site for the benefit of association members and interested persons.  The publications related to the marsh are listed below in their appropriate categories and may be viewed by clicking their titles.

General Marsh Publications

Salt Marshes in the Gulf of Maine. Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment, 2008.
Wetlands Health Assessment Toolbox (WHAT), Salem Sound Coastwatch, QAPP, 2005
Scarborough Marsh: Historical Impacts, Current Conditions, and Restoration Potential. Maine Audubon Society, June, 1999.

Wetlands Publications

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection: Wetlands Regulations, June, 2009
City of Gloucester Wetlands Ordinance, September, 1990

Good Harbor Beach Publications

City of Gloucester Comprehensive River and Stream Habitat Restoration Report, 2003.
CZM Coastal Nonpoint Actual Sources of Nonpoint: Source Pollution in the Good Harbor Drainage Area, 2005.
Wetland Health Assessment Toolbox Program 2005 Final Report: Eastern Point and Good Harbor Beach Salt Marshes

Phragmites Publications

Common Reed: An Invasive Etland Plant (Phragmites Australis). Office of Water Resrouces, D.E.M., Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2002.
Common Reed Control Project: Eastern Point Wildlife Sanctuary. Massachusetts Audubon Society, 2009.
Waterfowl Management Handbook: Control of Phramites. Fish and Wildlife Leaflet, 1989.

Great Marsh Coastal Wetlands Restoration Plan, 2007

The Great Marsh Wetlands Restoration Plan is an online resource intended to help communities in the Great Marsh region on the North Shore of Massachusetts identify and restore degraded and former coastal wetland hapitats. The plan presents maps, photos, and descriptions of 121 potential and completed salt marsh restoration sites. Eight of the projects are located in the Good Harbor watershed. The site is sponsored by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management.

Click here to go to the web site and view Great Marsh Coastal Wetlands Restoration Plan.