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Welcome on behalf of the Friends of Good Harbor, an organization of volunteers affiliated to foster environmental preservation, restoration, and enhancement of the Good Harbor beach and marsh and its watershed.  This web site is designed for sharing information and enhancing communication among members and volunteers as well as providing an introduction for persons wishing to learn about the friends association.  The site also features extensive information about the beach, the marsh, and the surrounding area of Gloucester and Cape Ann.  Comments and expressions of interest may be sent to FOGH by clicking on the Contact Information link in the left sidebar.

News Stories

September 17 Fall Forum on Sea Level Rise

The Friends of Good Harbor invite the public to a forum on the subject, Sea Level Rise on Cape Ann, at the association’s annual meeting on Wednesday, September 17, at 7 p.m., The location will be the Elks on Bass Rocks, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from Gloucester’s back shore.  Exhibits and refreshments will be served at 6:30 pm.  The keynote speakers will be two distinguished ocean scientists: Dr. David Burdick and Dr. Paul Kirshen...

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Good Harbor Beach Gets Face Lift

Good Harbor Welcome SignGood Harbor Beach is getting a face lift. New welcome signs greet visitors at all major entrances to the beach, and new rules signs have been erected at all pedestrian paths to the beach. Also, the kiosks with bulletin boards have been furbished and kept current with announcements and news....

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Brierneck Crossing Construction Begins

Under new ownership, Brierneck Realty LLC has begun construcion on twelve condominiums on property at 70-74 Thatcher Road at the corner of Witham Street.  The new owners are Paul St. Hilaire and Robert Messina, who purchased the fully permitted property from James Griffoni and partners....

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Storm Damage at Good Harbor Beach

The coastal storm of March 8 hit Good Harbor Beach hard. It broke the footbridge from its sidewalk connection making it impassable, eroded and pushed back the sand dunes, and flooded the concession stand and bathrooms...

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Proposal to Monitor Ocean Rise at Good Harbor

Salem Sound Coastwatch has been funded by the Bruce J. Anderson Foundation to monitor salt marshes sea level rise in partnership with Maritime Gloucester and the Friends of Good Harbor.  A tidal gauge monitoring station will be installed at the Harriet Webster Pier in Gloucester Harbor and data will be gathered by monitoring the Good Harbor salt marsh on an on-going basis.  The goal is to identify strategies for restoration or mitigation to protect and improve the ecological functioning of the salt marsh.

The overall cost of the project is $31,000, of which the grant provides approximately $11,000.  Both FOGH and Maritime Gloucester will contribute in-kind support to the project.  FOGH contracts with SSCW for salt marsh monitoring each summer and there will be opportunities for volunteers to participate in monitoring the marsh environment and sea level rise.

About the Friends of Good Harbor

The Friends of Good Harbor began in the summer of 2010 as an informal group concerned about the conservation of the marsh and the preservation of the beach.  Representing three neighborhoods abutting Good Harbor - Brier Neck, Old Nugent Farm, and Witham Street - and comprising no more than a dozen persons, priorities were identified and action plans were formulated.  FOGH is now incorporated as a non-profit association in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Interested persons are welcome to join as members.  Elsewhere on this site, the Association is explained and the projects are described including exciting results already being accomplished.


Friends of Good Harbor, Inc.  PO Box 3145  Gloucester, MA 01931